The Family Dog Team want to ensure that safety is paramount – for family, the public and your pet dog.

There are a variety of resources that will help you to take everyone’s safety into account in everyday dog ownership, as well as more complex interactions.

Why does my dog hurt me with their claws and teeth?
My dogs bedroom
Jumping up and mouthing help
Introducing dogs and cats
Why does my dog hurt me with his claws & teeth?
How to make a dog’s bedroom
Canine communication and safety
The family structure – the positive team leader
Puppy biting, nipping and mouthing
Crate training and creating the bolt hole
Biff and Chip book – child-dog interaction



Useful links

A children’s education scheme from the Kennel Club, that includes an interactive game and a teachers’ pack which includes useful resources such as canine communication worksheets:

The Blue dog is a useful resource for lots of information on dog ownership but it also has a good children’s  section. As the title suggests, the dog is blue so possibly some children may struggle to generalise this to other dogs.

A useful video for children and safety around dogs:

This link explains why your dog may not always be comfortable with hugging, with a video to demonstrate. This may be a useful resource for children also:

The link below explains dog body language and what to look out for in a relaxed or anxious dog: