Ideas for interaction between your pet dog and older children can be found here.

The Family Dog Team suggest that you read these in conjunction with other resources, particularly those found in Dog behaviour and Safety.

Why does my dog hurt me with their claws and teeth?
Star Wars – dog and child game
Scent work for dogs
Minecraft – child and dog game
The Hunger Games – for children and dogs
Equipment that may be useful for you
Take the dog treat challenge
Doctor Who – game for dogs and children
Angry Birds – child and dog game
Advanced training – Interventions
Advanced training – dog helping in the bedtime routine
Advanced child and dog games
Playing games with your dog – Doctor Who
Interventions – head rest and shake hands
Tips for a calmer dog – involving the children
Playing games with your dog – Angry Birds
Dogs helping with bedtime routine
Advanced child and dog games

Useful links

A resource that will allow you to create your own comic strip with a dog character:

Details of the Young Kennel Club, designed for 6 – 24 year olds, including games and other events:

Children’s educational materials and games:

Parent and child support: The National Association for Gifted Children is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential of all ages and backgrounds.