These resources are designed to help you when starting to training your dog/puppy.

Barking at the doorbell and visitors
Equipment list and useful resources
Jumping up and mouthing help
Introducing dogs and cats
Exercising puppies
Car travel
Coping with dog adolescence
Training for a safe, well adjusted dog
Training & learning – exercises for you & your family
Dog training and learning
Puppy biting, nipping and mouthing
Interventions – why, when and how to use them
Teaching leave it
Sit and down
Lead walking
Teaching go to bed
Preparing your dog for fireworks
Barking at the doorbell and visitors
Teaching wait
Where are we going?



Useful links

Here are a few useful links that were discussed during the workshops, feel free to get in touch if you would like to add to this.

Kennel Club Good Citizens Award – this may be useful if you are looking for a bit of structure in your training, or if perhaps you are looking for a starting point in your search for a good dog training class.

Kennel Club Open Access Scheme – here is a website that lists many places that you and the family can go with your pet dog.

The Kennel Club Safe and Sound Scheme – this has a great ‘teachers manual’ of activities that you can get the family involved with when teaching safety around dogs. Also for those children who enjoy computer games, this could be useful to you.

Blue Dog – Parent Guide & Interactive CD – for that bit of help when introducing ‘dog safety’ with the rest of the family. Blue Dog website