The role of a Temporary Boarder (Puppy Scheme) is to support the Charity by providing temporary accommodation for a puppy within the home environment whilst the puppy socialiser is on holiday or unable to look after the puppy for a period of time. The puppy will be between the ages of 8 weeks and 14 months of age.

You may be required to collect the puppy from either the centre or where the puppy is currently staying. Once in your home unless otherwise stipulated, you would:

  • Provide the puppy with the chance to relax
  • Keep up the feeding and exercise requirements for that particular dog
  • Continue with the commands/obedience commands the puppy has learnt.

To enable you to carry out this role all equipment will be supplied by the Charity.

Main tasks:

  • Provide a welcoming and safe environment for the puppy
  • Maintaining ongoing basic obedience with the puppy with help and support from the Puppy Co-ordinators
  • Adhere to the advice and carry out any instructions given by the Puppy
    Co-ordinators, keeping them updated regularly on the progress of the dog
  • Allow a Puppy Co-ordinator to visit you in your home to carry out regular assessments and support visits
  • Exercising, feeding and providing medication if required for the dog as instructed by the Puppy Co-ordinator
  • To ensure, if and when appropriate, that the dog receives emergency veterinary care as soon as possible and that Dogs for Good is informed at the earliest opportunity.

Register your interest

To see if you meet the criteria to be a Temporary Boarder (puppy scheme), please complete our online puppy socialiser form.

We run regular online Puppy Socialiser information sessions to enable you to find out more about this important Dogs for Good volunteer role. The date of the next session is:

  • 20th October, 4.00pm

Please enter your postcode below to find out if you are in the areas where we are currently recruiting puppy volunteers. If you do live in one of the areas we can support, we will ask you to complete our enquiry form. Once we have received your enquiry form, and confirm you meet our criteria, you will be invited to an information session. The session will cover:

  • An introduction of what to expect as a puppy socialiser for Dogs for Good
  • Information about the support you’ll receive from us
  • A chance to ask questions to our expert team of puppy coordinators