Ken has been a volunteer Puppy Socialiser for nearly eight years and Vita is his ninth full time puppy.

Ken and Vita

“What do I most enjoy about puppy socialising? The pleasure of having a dog in the family and all that entails, and engaging with the public to answer their questions about what the charity is all about. It’s not just the puppy that has an enriched social life!

As a socialiser you train your puppy in basic obedience and take them into a wide variety of environments, so they become confident and well behaved in all the places and situations they may find themselves in as a working dog. The staff at the charity provide a huge amount of support and you attend regular puppy classes.

It is sad when your puppy leaves you to go into training, but we know from the beginning that we are foster parents not owners. I do worry when they go in for training – I’m concerned how they will react, I’m worried that the dog may feel lost and not settle into the new regime. I think is natural when you’ve invested so much into getting them ready for their next step.

The real prize, by far, is when we are told that our puppy has completed their training and been successfully paired with a child or adult. On occasions it has been possible to meet them and talking with them we can see how important and life changing their partnership will be.

The sense of pride in what our puppy has achieved and the difference they will continue to make is like winning the lottery.”

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If you are interested in finding out more about caring for one of our puppies, please first check that you meet the puppy socialising criteria.