Our Supporter Groups have raised over £1.5 million for the charity and are so important to us. They represent Dogs for Good all over the UK and do incredible work in terms of raising much needed funds and awareness within local communities.

Our groups do lots of different things including:

  • Organise their own events: craft fairs, dog shows and sponsored walks
  • Attend tin shakes at supermarkets and shopping centres
  • Attend local fetes and fairs with a charity stand
  • Raise funds locally in lots of innovative ways

If you’re interested in raising funds for Dogs for Good locally and fancy being part of a group of like-minded people then joining a Dogs for Good Supporter Group may be for you.

You can either offer your time to an already existing Supporter Group or else set up your own if one doesn’t exist in your area. We are keen to develop a network of groups throughout the UK, so as to promote the work of Dogs for Good in the areas that we can’t reach.

As part of a Supporter group you can:

  • Give as much or as little time as you like. No commitments.
  • Make new friends and learn new skills
  • Become a committee member (if a role is available) – as Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer, or else be a general group member
  • Attend networking meetings with other Supporter Groups to share ideas, successes and see how the funds raised make such a difference to the charity

Some groups have regular monthly meetings, whereas others are less formal and just meet socially every now and then.

Some members of our Banbury Supporter Group

Next steps

For more information please contact the Community Fundraising Team at events@dogsforgood.org or on 01295 252600 and select option 4.