Black Labrador Fidget sitting with Emmi and Robbie from our Family Dog Team

Our Family Demonstration Dogs are an important part of our Family Dog Service team. They attend our workshops around the country, demonstrating the tasks that pet dogs can do to help children with autism and their families.

Our Family Demonstration Dogs are cared for by volunteer Family Dog Holders in their homes when they are not attending workshops. On average the dogs spend 20% of their time on workshops, with 80% spent at home with the Holder or at training sessions in Banbury.

The dogs are a variety of breeds and ages. They are sourced through breeders and rescue centres and selected for their sociability and adaptability. They are pet dogs so do not qualify for assistance dog access rights.

Could you be a Family Dog Holder?

No experience is necessary as all relevant support and training will be provided by the Family Dog Team. However Family Dog Holders are required to:

  • Live within 20 – 30 minutes drive of The Frances Hay Centre in Banbury
  • Be willing to transport the dog to and from The Frances Hay Centre on a regular basis at different times through the day
  • Be able to have the dog in the home during weekdays, weekends and evenings
  • Ensure the dog is not left more than 4 hours at a time.

For more information about this role, please read the Family Dog Holder role description.

What you will gain from volunteering as a Family Dog Holder

  • Induction, training and support from Dogs for Good staff
  • Opportunity to have a dog with fewer of the associated costs of ownership
  • A better understanding of the Family Dog service and the benefits of pet dogs for families with children with autism.

Next steps

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact our Family Dog Team on 01295 759830 or email [email protected] to find out more. Please ensure you meet the criteria above before you get in touch.