Below are some of the questions we are often asked by supporters.

1. What information do I need to include in my will to leave a gift to Dogs for Good?

The most important pieces of information to include are our name, address and registered charity number:

Dogs for Good
The Frances Hay Centre
Blacklocks Hill
OX17 2BS

Registered charity number 1092960 in England and Wales

2. You’re already in my will under your old name of Dogs for the Disabled – do I need to change my will?

If you have left a gift in your will to Dogs for the Disabled, this is still valid, as we have kept the same registered charity and company registration numbers. There is no need for you to take any action or amend your will to reflect our new name.

3. Are there any tax benefits to leaving a gift to charity in my will?

Legacies left to charities are exempt from inheritance tax. Including a gift to charity may also reduce the overall inheritance tax liability, as legacies to charities are deducted from the value of an estate before taxation.

4. Can I request to name a dog?

Yes, we promise to respect your wishes wherever possible, but we try to avoid having more than one dog of the same name in our programme at the same time. This might mean we would have to adopt a similar name to the one you choose, so we suggest you use the following wording in your will:

I leave (amount/share of estate) to Dogs for Good of the Frances Hay Centre, Blacklocks Hill, Banbury, OX17 2BS, registered charity number 1092960 in England and Wales, in the hope they name a puppy XXX in memory of XXX. 

5. Do I need to tell you if I have included Dogs for Good in my will?

We would love to know if you have left us a gift in your will so we can recognise your generosity, thank you properly and send you news on our work, should you wish to receive it. However, we will always respect your privacy and there is no need to tell us if you have included us in your will.