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What is Farewill?

Farewill is the top-rated will writer in the UK and provides free access to professional support if you need it.

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Create independent futures for hundreds of people with a lasting legacy gift.

What will I save?

A simple will usually costs at least £90. But you can write your will for free by taking advantage of this exclusive offer for Dogs for Good supporters.

Do I need to leave a gift to Dogs for Good to redeem the offer?

You don’t have to include a gift in your will to Dogs for Good to use this service; but we would be honoured if you choose to make a gift once your loved ones are provided for.

How do I claim my free will?

You can write your will online or using Farewill’s telephone service.

Make sure to use the voucher code DOGSFORGOOD-WEB to claim your free will.

The online service is available to supporters in England and Wales. Our supporters in Scotland and Northern Ireland can write their will for free using the telephone service.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about this service or about leaving a gift in your will to Dogs for Good, please call us on 01295 759838 or email [email protected].