In partnership with The National Autistic Society and the University of Lincoln, Dogs for Good completed a three year research project. We worked together to investigate why dogs affect autistic children and the impact on the family as a whole.

The research found that owning a pet dog reduced stress in parents of autistic children.

Research results February 2016

The University of Lincoln has published the findings of the research in an Open Access Paper:

What Factors Are Associated with Positive Effects of Dog Ownership in Families with autistic children? The Development of the Lincoln Autism Pet Dog Impact Scale.

Read this paper online.

Introduction to the study

Watch the video below to find out more about the intentions of the study. You will also meet some of the children and families involved.

You can click the link to explore other research studies carried out on this topic.

Family Dog is the first ever project of its kind. We received a Big Lottery Fund grant (funded by The National Lottery) which made it possible for us to carry out this research. We are also very grateful to all the families who took part and made it a success.