Little Roxy is a gentle, sweet natured girl. She is very bright and loves to learn new things.

With the help from our puppy team at Dogs for Good, she will be taught basic obedience, how to behave when out in public and generally how to be a well mannered young pup.

Roxy will have lots of fun as well playing with other young pups in training at regular puppy classes, where she can also show off all of the things that she is learning through her very important year of puppy socialising.

What you'll get as a sponsor

£ 5 / month

Sponsor a puppy today for £5 a month and you’ll receive a fantastic welcome pack including a sponsorship certificate, a beautiful photo of your puppy and a zip pull. You’ll also receive regular updates and pictures throughout the year, including personal accounts from the trainers and puppy socialisers taking care of your pup.

£ 10 / month

Donate £10 a month and you’ll also receive a unique Dogs for Good wristband with your welcome pack.

£ 15 / month

Donate £15 a month and you’ll also get a beautiful Dogs for Good cotton shopping bag, as well as a qualification photograph when your puppy finishes training.

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