Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does puppy sponsorship last?

It usually takes around 18 months for a puppy to complete its training and qualify as a fully trained working dog. However sometimes it takes a little less or even a bit longer, dependent upon the individual dog. We will always write to you once your sponsorship is completed to see if you would like to sponsor another young recruit.

2. Am I the only person sponsoring the puppy?

As it costs around £10,000 to train and place an assistance dog or community dog, there will be other people sponsoring your chosen puppy.

3. Can I meet my sponsored puppy?

As your puppy will be living with a family throughout most of its training period, it won’t be possible for you to visit your puppy. However you’ll receive regular photos and training reports which give you a fantastic insight into how your puppy is growing and all the different things they are getting up to.

4. How can I sponsor a Dogs for Good puppy?

The easiest way to sponsor a puppy is by making regular gifts through direct debit. You will find a very simple form to fill in on our website to sign up today. If you would like to find out more about the payment options available to you, please call 01295 252600 and we will be more than happy to help you.

5. Do all puppies complete their training?

It takes a very special dog to learn all the skills required to be an assistance dog or a community dog, and we hope your puppy will make it through the training. We have great success with our young recruits, with around 70% of them qualifying as life-changing dogs. However, if your puppy does not make the grade, we will write to you to let you know what they have ended up going on to do, and with details of another puppy that you can follow.