With the potential impact of the spread of coronavirus (COVID19) increasing it is recognised that there are no guarantees that Dogs for Good will be able to visit you or look after your dog should you be in a situation of self-isolation.

As you will appreciate this is a pandemic virus and the facilities at Dogs for Good will be under an increased and unprecedented strain. To this end we may not be able to support you in our normal way or provide our existing services, including our normal home visits. Support is available, but it will be done through the most appropriate medium, for example, two way conversation i.e. telephone, video call etc.

If you are in self-isolation due to your age or because you are exhibiting symptoms, having your dog with you may well be beneficial to your wellbeing. For these reasons, and for the reasons explained in relation to the potential impact of reduced ability to provide services we would encourage you where possible to keep your dog with you.

We would strongly encourage you to be well prepared for a situation that may occur where you cannot leave your home for any reason in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.

We would again, strongly encourage you to have a well prepared and thought through plan. Here are some suggestions to begin the planning process:

  • What do you have in place if you are taken into hospital? i.e. do you have a poster on the fridge or on the back of your front door with contact information of your support network or the Dogs for Good phone number. Click here to download a poster for our assistance dog partnerships and teams to use.
  • In Case of Emergency (ICE) phone number in place on your mobile or landline phone.
  • Contact your support network to ensure they are still able to help if needed? Do they have contact details for Dogs for Good?
  • Have you considered the dogs’ welfare and wellbeing need? Food, water, relief area, exercise, toys and activities in the home etc.

If you do not have a support network at all and you live alone – Please let your Instructor know.