Before Alice met her first assistance dog Bella, she was a quiet, shy teenager who was facing many challenges including multiple surgeries which resulted in physical pain and the resulting effects on her mental health. 

Bella provided practical help, a calming influence and the special kind of devotion only a dog can bring. But after 10 happy years of working together it was time for Bella to retire and enjoy her golden years as a pet dog. 

Alice felt lost without Bella’s practical support. She had shown her a more confident, empowered life. The life she wanted to continue to enjoy and explore. 

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We continued to support Alice after Bella’s retirement and advised her to apply for a second assistance dog. Alice is now partnered with wonder dog Winter, who allows Alice to continue living the independent life she enjoyed with Bella.  

Alice said, “Everything that Winter does for me has such a positive impact on my physical and mental wellbeing. Without your continued support of Dogs for Good, I wouldn’t have grown up with Bella or have Winter supporting me today. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without them.” 

Please donate to our Christmas Appeal today to help Dogs for Good train more wonder dogs like Winter. 

Please donate today.

A gift will not just make a difference this Christmas – it will make a lasting impact on someone’s life. 

  • £15 could cover the cost of an assessment for a dog in advanced training. 
  • £45 can buy a lead, jacket, identification tag and booklet for a newly qualified assistance dog. 
  • £139 could provide an aftercare visit for a partnership, to ensure their success. 

Whatever you can give would be so gratefully received. Thank you. 

Please donate today.