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Annie was a teenager when she first began to experience unusual muscle pains. As she turned 18, Annie lost the ability to walk, and two years later she received the devastating diagnosis of dystonia, an incurable condition.

Annie was no longer able to walk or go out without a carer. As a young adult, fiercely independent, with ambitions to study and be a teacher, and having recently moved into her own home, this loss of freedom was the most crushing blow.

But with the help of her first assistance dog Lucy, and now her current dog Phoebe, Annie’s life has been transformed. The independence Annie gained was so great that within a matter of weeks, her reliance on carers reduced from 90 to 45 hours a week.

My life changed from the moment I met her, because of all the things she could help me with. We bonded instantly; it was deep love at first sight. Phoebe was meant for me and vice versa

- Annie

Phoebe helps Annie with the everyday tasks which had become completely impossible on her own – getting dressed in the morning, collecting items she’s dropped, even emptying the washing machine. She can go out to the shops with Phoebe, meaning she no longer needs carers to leave the house.

Annie is a testament to the life-changing impact our incredible dogs can have and our ongoing commitment to each person we support. Because of the invaluable help they give, many people can’t imagine life without an assistance dog, so a number of dogs we train each year are successor dogs like Phoebe.

Are you able to make a donation today? It takes a huge amount of time and money to train each assistance dog. Whatever you can give, your generosity will enable us to train more dogs who will transform lives. Donate today.