We want to spread the love and happiness our Community Dogs can bring to many more people during this period of lockdown.

Self-isolation, restrictions on movement and social distancing mean that many people are feeling lonely, low or unsettled right now, while it is challenging to connect with others. Research has suggested that gazing into a dog’s eyes can boost our levels of oxytocin. Often called the ‘love hormone’, oxytocin is associated with feelings of happiness, closeness, comfort and attachment. We’ve put together a short film to bring you eye to eye with our very special Community Dogs. We hope this will help lift your spirits and provide a moment of relaxation in these challenging times.

Our short film features pictures of our specially-trained Community Dogs, who work alongside a professional handler to help people with a range of disabilities and needs to improve their independence, wellbeing and skills – at home and in the community.

During lockdown, our dogs are at home with their handlers and boarders. We and they are embracing new ways of working; checking in and working with our clients through video link-ups. Each interaction brings practical help, happiness and a special ray of sunshine into the lives of our clients, many of whom are socially isolated at this time.

Their message is simple: Sit, stay at home and save lives. Keep active and stay connected with others in different ways, and we hope this video helps to do that.