Last year, Dogs for Good received over 5,000 enquiries from people who wanted to know if they could benefit from an assistance dog. Sadly, demand is so high that we can only support a small number of those people.

It costs just £4.69 a day to support the costs of a working dog and the difference a dog makes is truly life-changing, offering independence but also transforming the lives of the people they support and their wider family.

Yvonne was at her lowest ebb when she applied for an assistance dog. The impact of her disability meant she’d lost all confidence and rarely left the house. As her youngest daughter grew up, Yvonne realised that she was also becoming reluctant about leaving the house, worried about leaving her mum. Yvonne hoped that an assistance dog could help give her some practical support, but Purdy has given her so much more.

Watch Yvonne and Purdy’s story.

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