Incr(edible) news… Easter fun is achievable without the need for chocolate! This is great news for dogs because while chocolate is a sweet treat for humans it poses a life-threatening risk to dogs.

Elly White from our Health and Welfare team says“For any dog, eating chocolate is a big no-no as they can’t digest it in the way that humans can. Toxins build up in their liver and at the very least, it can make them very, very poorly; at worst, it can be fatal.  However, there are plenty of things you can do and make this Easter to have some fun together and above all, keep your dog safe!”

Easter Carrot Hunt: Make like the Easter Bunny and swap chocolate eggs for carrots to ensure that your dog doesn’t miss out on an exciting game of hide and seek “A good run around is what dogs love most and having some healthy carrot treats to sniff out and eat will make it extra special!” says Elly. Watch our film to see our Dogs for Good mascot and Dogs for Good pals, Denby, Quill and Digby showing you exactly how much fun can be achieved on a carrot hunt!

Easter Biscuit Bakes: Dogs for Good’s very own Mary Barky (aka volunteer, Andrea) has loads of yummy dog-biscuit recipes and they couldn’t be easier to make.  Find Andrea’s recipe here.

Walk it off: If you’ve over-indulged on too many Easter treats, the best way to work off a) the sugar rush and b) the extra calories is to go on a lovely long, spring walk with your dog, friends and family.  Whether it’s the local park or you get in the car and go further afield, your dog isn’t going to complain.  Remember to take a towel to clean off any muddy paws!