Liz ran the London Marathon for us last year. Here she shares the 10 things that she wished people had told her about the day.

  1. You spend quite a while in the pens – especially if you are near the back like we were. It took us 30 mins to actually cross the start line.
  2. There is a toilet just before to cross the start line. I queued for 10 mins to go to the toilet at mile 10 – I was gutted, but desperate!
  3. Wear an old tracksuit for the start- then throw it away once in the pen. They get collected up and given to the homeless.
  4. Don’t run in anything new. Comfort is key.
  5. There was no phone signal once inside the area where the bag drops are, so it was impossible to meet up with anyone.
  6. Don’t stop running- it hurts more. If you need to slow down and jog.Training for a Marathon
  7. If you have spectators, really plan with them where they are going to be. It really helps to have a hug at those late miles and if you miss them you’ll be gutted. I had a friend at mile 11 and 18 and my god it helped to see them.
  8. Put something filling in your bag for the wagon. They only put an apple in our goodie bag last year (and it didn’t cut the mustard).
  9. My first mile was an 11 min mile as I ran it with my friend. I then said goodbye/good luck and tried to run at my pace, but found I couldn’t go much faster due to the sheer number of people. I was frustrated at first, but soon realised I was going to get the time I was aiming for and started to enjoy it.
  10. Let your name on your t shirt. If you haven’t got it printed on, use a permanent marker. Hearing people shouting your name and cheering you on is incredible!

Good luck everyone. Enjoy it, it’s incredible!